Prints – Limited Edition

Important. Handle with Care!

All prints are handled with the utmost care when being placed into the industrial tubes or packaging. Both the printer and myself witness the prints being packed and do not allow for any imperfections to be passed onto clients. Your print is very delicate and should only be removed from the packaging by a professional framer. Any creases or imperfections are not the responsibility of Prudence Caroline.

Once you have placed your order the artwork will then be printed, signed and numbered by Prudence. This takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.

Does the artwork come framed?

No, the prices are for unframed prints. We can however recommend framers in Melbourne who offer Prudence Carolines client’s great prices and have extensive experience framing our prints. Please contact us via our contact form online and we can help with recommendations

How long does it take to receive a print?

2-3 weeks as the prints are bespoke, hand printed to order then signed and numbered by the artist.

What does Limited Edition mean?

Limited edition means the artist will only print a specific number of each print. In most cases there will be 50 of each size printed.

Are the prints signed by the Artist?

All limited edition prints are personally hand signed and numbered by Prudence

I live overseas can you post?

If you live overseas then we can also deliver via registered post in an industrial art tube. Please contact us to quote a post cost for you individually.

What is the final framed size?

If the size noted is paper size - add 2cm. For example a 1.1 x 1.1 will be 1.3 x 1.3 final size. If the size noted is image size – add 20cm. For example 95 x 95 will be 115 x 115 final size.

What if I change my mind?

Unfortunately we cannot offer returns or refunds due to the delicate nature of the prints.

Is a print available on canvas?

The limited edition prints series are produced on beautiful thick archival paper only and will need to be framed behind glass. The stunning detail of the brush stokes and other features of the original painting are evident on paper. If you love a print and would like it on canvas please consider a private commission.