Hello...my name is Prudence Caroline
 and I am first and foremost a lover of colour.
When I am not juggling motherhood and a managerie of animals, I am painting up a storm in my studio, and searching for the perfect composition for my inspired and fluid abstract paintings that speak volumes compared to what you will ever hear me say verbally. 
My style is intuitive. Instinctive. Fluid. And full of texture.
I would like to think that when people look at my work they derive a deep sense of happiness from the form that my canvas's take - though I have no pretence about what I do. If people love it, I, and my work, are complete. 
Although I painted for years and led a creatively inspired life before painting full time, it was the debut on The Block that initially led a steady line of people to me, and I have accidentally become one of the most popular emerging artists in the country as a result. (Those last words are from my agent) All of which I am humbled by. 
I love what I do. Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you find your own deep sense of belonging here. You are welcome anytime.
x Prudence